About Cashback Bonuses

Zentrader offers cashbacks at various times throughout your trading journey. This could be upon first deposit (available in certain regions), a limited time promotion or as part of the Zentrader Rewards loyalty program.

Our philosophy is to keep cashback bonuses simple and transparent as possible. Never will you see difficult terms and conditions or turnover requirements that is common in the industry.

How Cashback Bonuses Work

Once you receive a cashback, it will be added to your balance.

The only requirement is that cashback bonuses must be traded a minimum of 1 times to redeem. After this point funds can be freely withdrawn, including the profits made on these trades.

Cashback amounts that haven’t been traded cannot be withdrawn and will be forfeit if real funds are withdrawn.

Cashback Bonus Example

If I deposit ¥5000 and receive a ¥5000 cashback, my balance is ¥10000. I now need to make at least ¥5000 in trades to redeem the cashback.

This could be 1 x ¥5000 trade or 10 x ¥500 trades.

If I place 1 x ¥5000 trade on USD/JPY with a payout of 195% and win, I receive back ¥9750. The ¥5000 investment + ¥4750 profit.

My balance is now ¥14750 and can be freely withdrawn.

If for example the trade was a losing trade, my original deposit of ¥5000 remains and can be freely withdrawn.

Zentrader Rewards

The Zentrader Rewards loyalty program caters to active traders and provides cash back on trade volume.

Three tiers are available: Gold, Silver and Bronze and the cashback amount increases as each tier is reached. See the volume required to reach each level here.

Volume is calculated on a calendar month basis and cashback amounts will be deposited into your account on the first day of the following month.

Further details on Zentrader cashback and bonuses can be found in our Help Centre.

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