How To Make Your First Trade

Learn to trade Zentrader

Earn a payout of up-to 195% in 30 seconds!

At Zentrader our goal is to make trading streamlined and intuitive. We have done away with complicated settings and configurations to focus on what is most important to traders.

Getting started in financial markets has never been easier!

After you have made a deposit into your Zentrader account, you only need to follow a few simple steps to place your first trade.

Trade in 4 easy steps

  • Select an asset. We offer a wide variety of markets from forex, commodities, cryptos and stocks.
  • Input your investment amount.
  • Choose a trade time frame. Everything from 30 sec up-to 1 day.
  • Predict the market direction. Will the price be higher or lower at the end of your selected time frame?

Monitor your open trades and earn up to a 195% payout if your prediction proves correct.

You only need to be correct by 0.1 pip at expiry for a full payout!

And that’s it! We have a detailed trading guide here if you would like further information.

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