Op-ed: Online Trading Throughout the Seasons

You have to pay attention to the rhythms and cycles of the market and learn to be patient in the off-seasons. You have to give yourself time to change and observe patterns. Live in each season as it passes and resign yourself to the influence of each.

One way to get with your own seasons is to observe and study the market. Do your analysis at the start of every week for one year and plan your trades accordingly. Pay attention to the times of day when the market is most active and try to understand why and what drives this price movement. See if it recalibrates you and changes how you feel about your trading decisions.

“Imitate the trees. Learn to lose in order to recover, and remember that nothing stays the same for long.”

Our trading journey, too, has different seasons. Some of us blossom at a young age; others don’t blossom until old age. Our culture mostly celebrates early success, the people who bloom fast. But those people often wither as quickly as they bloom. It’s for this reason that I ignore every “30 under 30” list published. I’m not interested in the short term. I’m interested in the long term.

Written by Hiroshi Watanabe


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