The Zentrader Way: Our Trading Philosophy

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At Zentrader, we want to take the mystery out of online trading.

We know there can be a lot of confusing terms and technical jargon, and it can be intimidating, even scary, to figure out the best way to put your money in the market or to even get started trading your first currency, commodity or stock index.

That’s why we’ve boiled down our trading philosophy into three basic steps:

  • Trade for the long-term
  • Trade regularly
  • Always diversify

Trade for the long-term

Over the past few decades, market returns have proven to be a fruitful place when it comes to achieving a return. Looking to the future, some market analysts expect markets to gain about 5% per anum. With the power of compounding and regular trading, you have the ability to build wealth for the financial future you want.

The great financial crisis of 2008 saw some key stock markets around the world lose 40% of their value and sometimes more. Some of the hardest hit indexes have recovered their losses since then. The SP500, for instance, has more than tripled in value since the lows seen in 2009.

Trade regularly

After you’ve set aside savings for a rainy day, consider trading in the market, and making regular trade a part of your trade plan. Even if you take small positions and trade them every week or every month, they can quickly add up through the power of compounding. This is when the amount you are trading is slowly increasing, which can magnify your returns and your account balance.

Always diversify

You may have heard the phrase, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. This is because if you drop the basket, you might break all the eggs.

Diversification means you’re not putting all of your eggs in one basket, or all your money on one trade, so you can better weather the market’s highs and lows. By diversifying, you’ll be choosing trades in different economic sectors, as well as in different geographies around the world.

The way of Zentrader

We know that markets are always changing, they can go up one day and down the next, and that volatility can be scary. But we also know that if you follow the Zentrader trading philosophy, it can smooth out some of the bumps and help you to grow your account and reach your goals.

Trading the market always carries risk. There is no guarantee that what you’ve traded will make money. But if you follow the three basic principles of the Zentrader trading philosophy, you can minimize risk and set yourself on a path to realizing your financial goals.


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