US Stock Indices Now Available

From a trading point of view, 2020 certainly hasn’t been boring!

The corona-virus situation has caused significant volatility in all asset markets across the globe, from currencies to commodities to stocks. And whilst there are many considerations for long term investments, the short term trading environment is one of the best we have seen in years.

In line with our goal to offer you very best in trading opportunities, Zentrader is pleased to announce the introduction of trading in US stock market indices.

Now you can trade in the S&P 500, DOW JONES and NASDAQ with the highest payouts available in the industry! And with time frames from 15 minutes to 2 hours, Zentrader caters to most trading strategies.

US stock indices are currently only available during US market hours (10:30PM – 5:00AM JST) Monday to Friday. If US indices are not displaying on the platform, please refresh your browser during these hours to update available assets.


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