What’s New on Zentrader

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on a number of upgrades and new features to make Zentrader even better. Here are the latest additions to the platform:

Faster Trading Platform

Last week we upgraded some of our trading technology to make it faster and more responsive. As part of our continued effort to make Zentrader the best trading experience possible.

Loading times, trade execution and general usability have all been improved and we invite you to come and try it for yourself.

More Exciting Charts

We’ve received many requests to make our charts more exciting, and over the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing them to the forex, commodities, cryptocurrency and other asset charts on the mobile platform to help you better understand and analyze market trends and moves.

Charts help investors better understand how prices move. Our tick charts show you a close-up view of the live market price during a certain time period. The more information you can see, the better the trading experience!

Market News and Updates

Zentrader brings you digestible and easy to understand financial news you’ll enjoy. We’ll break down some of the trends and top stories shaping markets to help keep you informed about the news that affects your finances, decisions, and lives.

The Market News and Updates section can be seen on the desktop computer trading platform.

We’re always looking to make Zentrader even more powerful, and your feedback helps us prioritize which features we build first. These tools were among the most frequently requested—we’re excited for you to try them!



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