The What, Why and How of Zentrader in 2019

Zen Trader at Desk Checking Phone

In 2018, we created Zentrader because we believed everyone should be able to unlock their full financial potential.

Every day, our team comes to work with one goal in mind—to build a better, smarter, and more exciting trading platform to help you trade global markets and reach your goals. There are many of you, trading, and building your account balances. Most importantly, you’re learning to become long-term traders, the strategy we believe is the best to get you to your future goals.

Every piece of Zentrader is part of a bigger picture. Here’s how it all fits together in the year ahead of 2019.

Spending your money

We wanted to put the Zentrader experience in your hands when you spend money every day. This year we are introducing Zentrader debit, which is an e-wallet account provided through our banking partner, designed especially for Zentrader clients. With the addition of your Zentrader e-wallet account, you can begin to see all your money in one place, giving you a fuller picture of your finances.

Trading with a strategy

We all need a helping hand to guide us and keep us on the right path. This year, in addition to refining the Zentrader Knowledgebase, our fun, easy-to-use, financial learning centre, we’ve added new articles and FAQs to help you grow your money skills and invest. We want you to see how you’re growing and track your progress so you can see how far you’ve come.

Trade smarter, not harder

The most important trade you can make is in your own financial literacy. Our team’s mission is to write articles that grow your depth of knowledge, simplify trading and investing concepts, and help make you smarter. We listen to your questions and work hard to answer them every day to help you feel more confident when using our online trading platform.

Keep on keeping on

In 2019, we’ll keep streamlining, refining, and growing the services you know and love.

Expect innovative trading tools, a shiny new trading platform with some really cool surprise features, tons of improvements, and so many more exciting ways to help you reach your goals.


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